Our Story

Recognising the value of considered growth, the directors of Chilton & Mayne rebranded to establish Studio 4 Architects Ltd in the beginning of 2022. This has meant that two new directors have become part of the team with a shared focus in providing client centric solutions that harness the creative talents of the studio in order to delight our clients.

With a collective portfolio of over 75 years’ experience Studio 4 Architects Ltd, a New Zealand Institute of Architects practice, has brought together the combined design and project delivery talents of the four directors Chilton, Mayne, O’Sullivan and Sloper.

Our ethos is to provide tailored architectural solutions in partnership with our clients through a thoughtful and professional approach to enhance and add value to the design outcomes.

Collectively we have and continue to deliver on a wide range of projects, from our signature residential works through to our acquired skills in commercial and public projects. Our values of honesty, trust and respect have seen us collaborate successfully with our clients across all genres to realise their bespoke aspirations.

With a solid history we continue to take on any challenge put before us, and we take pride in creating enduring spaces for our clients to enjoy.

For us great design is about passion, an extension of who we are and what we believe in.

The directors of Studio 4 Architects sitting around a table